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Colonic Irrigation Benefits & Risks

Benefits Of Colonic Irrigation:


Hydration of Colon and Body


Removal of waste from the colon


Relief for IBS, gas and bloating, constipation, diarrhoea


Improve peristalsis of the colon


Improve Nutrient Absorption


Aid in Detoxification


Help with skin compalints when combined with nutrition and herbal medicine.


Aids in weight loss by correcting bacterial imbalances of the colon. (Only when very specific probiotics are used)


Strengthens immune system when combined with probiotics.

Risks associated with colonics:


Infection through the use of none sterile equipment.


Dependancy on treatments may occur if therapist does not address or understand any underlying issues.


Financial loss as a result of too many treatments.


Worsoning of sysmptoms after one treatment - further treatments may be required.


Mild detox reactions are common but a good sign - head ache being the main one.


You will find so called highly qualified therapists state that NO risks are involved at all. You should question this statement and do your own homework.

Please Note!!! to date I have a 99% Success rate in eradicating ALL  IBS symptoms with no more than two colonics, combined with treatment  plans.

I have an 85% Success rate in eradicating ALL IBS symptoms with NO colonics at all using my treatment plans only.