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The Candida Epidemic

Our digestive system is a little eco system, in it we have bacteria and fungi that in general live in harmony with each other. They both keep one another in check. We do not want an overgrowth of any one species, or severe health issue will develop. To kill bacteria a bactericide (antibiotic) would be required. To kill fungus a fungicide (anti fungus substance) is required. One will not, and does not kill the other.  Now PLEASE understand that one basic but critical principal. Our Doctors do not. When antibiotics are prescribed, during the course of treatment, the fungus is given opportunity to thrive because the bacteria that keep the fungus in check are being killed off. It is this fungus overgrowth that is becoming an undiagnosed epidemic and the cause of great distress and suffering to all who succumb to its grasp. The symptoms are far outreaching because the fungus (Candida) thrives and becomes systemic (body bound), causing many issues: fatigue, brain fog, skin issues, heavy coated tongue, abdominal pain, headaches, food intolerances etc etc. You know there is something wrong but all tests come back normal. But, one thing becomes the definitive diagnostic guide, all symptoms are sugar reactive, yeasts and fungus eat sugar, meaning as blood sugar reduces the severity of symptoms reduces as the food (sugar) supply is reduced.


If symptoms are confined to the bowel and the infection is not systemic (body bound) "Colonic Irrigation" only when combined with correct diet changes and specific "Probiotics" will, in most cases, eradicate the infection.


If your symptoms are body bound: brain fog, fatigue, insomnia, skin complaints, confusion, apathy, poor memory, depression, recurrent vaginal thrush etc... then you must seek a more experienced and qualified therapist.  You will have probably already visited your doctor with these symptoms to no avail.


I have helped both men and women overcome this debilitating issue - colonics are not the single answer in these circumstances. If you have had three or more treatments for this condition then please seek a more experienced and qualified therapist - I can Help!!!

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