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Why a Coffee Enema

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The coffee enema is regarded as the royal treatment for liver toxicity. Coffee greatly enhances the effectiveness of the colonic in removing circulating toxins and partial metabolites. When used in a retention enema (retain for at least 12 minutes), it dilates the bile ducts in the liver, causing the liver to release bile. In addition some fluids are absorbed through the bowel wall during the colonic, diluting the hemorrhoidal and then the portal blood which goes into the liver and dilutes the bile, causing the bile to flow more readily.


Considerable research also shows that the substances found in coffee – kahweol and cafestol palmitate promote the activity of the enzyme systems within the liver, glutathione -s-transferase, which is capable of removing free radicals from the blood stream.  When the coffee enema is retained the liver filters the blood of the entire body every three to four minutes, hence blood also is cleansed of free radicals via the use of coffee enema’s.


In addition, the water in the colon stimulates what is called the visceral nervous system. This nervous system orchestrates peristalsis, the force that moves material through the intestines. By stimulating peristalsis a person can achieve, with the support of correct diet and lifestyle and  probiotics a return to a regular healthy bowel movement.


The addition of herbal extracts or tinctures to the enema also may be recommended:




Red Clover- is a powerful blood purifier, calms the nervous system and cleanses the lymphatic system. 30 drops of tincture may be added to the hot coffee preparation.


Milk Thistle –  Can also be added to the coffee preparation. Milk thistle is the “royal herb” for liver support, protection and detoxification.