The Peter Brown Clinic

Services & Lab Testing

ALL my initial consultations envolve the use of health questionniares and history taking.  Everyone also has some kind of Iridology exam performed including my Colonic Hydrotherapy clients. Have a look at the "What is Iridology " page to understand this further. Hover your pointer over "About My services"


All initial consulations will last upto to hours this takes into account paperwork for insurance purposes and other life style investigations and converstaions we may have, case histories etc..


After the consulation ALL clients including Colonic, leave with Data Sheets.  These sheets form part of your treatmen plan which contain products, herbs, other therapies and supplements that you will be advised to take.  The success of any treatment plan relies on the clients adhereance to my advice.

Many lab tests are available - stool tests are the more frequently used. "Comprehensive Parasitology & Stool Test" being my number one choice for gut health issues - Click here to download sample report -

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